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Atractivos turísticos – San Andrés

Simply step the island, gives you the opportunity to live a paradise thanks to its climate, the hospitality and friendliness of its people and beautiful landscapes that surround, combining natural and cultural elements that have allowed many places to discover and all the days of your stay on the island are full of fun. Below we provide a list of places you need to know when you visit San Andrés.

Spratt Bight Beach:
Main beach of the island, located in North End. 450 meters long white sand is preferred to enjoy the sun and the transparency of the water, the island will be there together with Cangas styling (small braids) to visitors. Ride the boats are and is an ideal place to play Fresbee. The site is perfect for meetings: maybe a beer or any casual activity. Behind her the hotel and commercial area is concentrated. On his forehead and Johnny Cay reefs protect the island can be seen.

Morgan’s Cave:
Not only is the mysterious opening that time been opened in a mass of coral, but evokes a number of native legends insist on believing. Good swimmers can get into it to see if it is true that consists labyrinth that leads to a beach, which has remained virtually untouched by the difficulty of access. What is impossible to ascertain, is whether Morgan’s pirate treasure in its depths.

The Cove:
Bay where the sun sets, anchored forests of the Navy and the cruises along the Caribbean. It is conducive to diving. Some restaurants are located there.

Blow Hole:
Like a geyser by the sea and is a pride for the natives. It is a natural phenomenon caused by a series of underground tunnels in the coral reefs and end in a single hole several feet of water. When the tide rises and waves come hard inside these tunnels, sheds compressed air through the hole. Is mythical moment, exalting the natives: “El Hoyo is blowing, silence.” Tourists today if they still adore the Sea of Seven Colors blue and green-all in varying intensity, and these white sand beaches that only has San Andrés, strives to know a little about the culture of the islanders expressed through Architecture, traditional food, music, dance and other forms of everyday life of its inhabitants. Therefore it is common to see groups of tourists interested in attending a talk on environmental protection in the Archipelago, we observed exchanging views with the natives of the islands during concerts featuring reggae music groups.

St. Louis:
It is a quiet place where you can be lulled by the sound of the waves, feel the serenity of the wind and especially feel isolated from the city noise. San Luis is an ideal location, and industry is a native of the island with wooden house and Caribbean architecture.

Big Laguna Pond:
Located in Loma. It has 400.00 x 150.00 meters long and 30 meters deep. It is home to thousands of birds, alligators, boas, crabs and fish. Palms, mangoes and other fruit trees surrounding the lagoon.

La Loma:
With 120.00 meters is the highest point from which the whole island can be seen in all its magnitude and beauty. Several years ago it was the cultural center of the island for those who like to enjoy nature through roads, trails, paths, and exercise to enjoy different scenery and varied charging energy and positivity.

Baptist Church:
First church of the island. This church provides guidance to vessels arriving at San Andrés. Sundays native dress up specially to attend religious services.

Johnny Cay Regional Park:
A small island that can be seen from the beaches of downtown. It is a symbol of tourism. Johnny Cay is cheerful, has palm trees, cocktails, local foods and a restless sea.

Haynes Cay:
Cayo Coral with palm trees. Both are surrounded by all the colors of San Andres Sea. At around most water sports.

The Distant Keys:
Roncador, Quitasueño, Albuquerque, Serrana, Serrania Bolivar make five areas containing several small islands, cays and downs, situated in the middle of the Caribbean with its headlights are guides for ships that sail these seas. They also have military posts. They are surrounded by reefs that protect the sea breeze and the arrival of this unknown ship graveyard and were still rich in marine species such as turtles, lobsters, barracudas, sharks and snails. Some are just sand, others are covered with vegetation, have semipotable water wells, and are home to thousands of birds. Due to its proximity Bolivar and Albuquerque are the most visited by tourists and fishermen. They have the charm of the unique. In the past it was an important port where ships loaded out coconut and arrived with goods. It has beautiful beaches and some hotels and renowned restaurants, characterized by harmony with the environment.