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Restaurant – San Andres Islas

Hotel in San Andres isles

The cuisine of each region is an example of their culture and their way of life, customs of the people are reflected in many of their activities and especially in the kitchen. San Andrés, colorful Caribbean architecture combines variety of aromas and flavors in the table, its hostel variety of fish and seafood that provide to consume all the charm and flavor of the Caribbean region. Coconut is one of the main seasonings gives the food and each bite island flair, as does the mix of herbs that are English heritage of the island.

Hosteria Mar y Sol has the Mana restaurant, a peaceful and welcoming place with 80 seats, where good service is our main course. The warmth and experience of our employees make every food has the magic touch of the Caribbean region. Manna is known for providing visitors to the inn, a variety of island delights thanks to our zoo farm shellfish dishes of the region such as the famous Rondon: a delicious fish fillet served with snail, cassava, yams and tail pig, is carefully prepared by hand sanandresanas to live a pleasant experience.

The restaurant overlooks the gardens of the lodge, is an open and cool, carefully thought out so that our visitors can enjoy the excellent flavor and feel the cool breeze of nature. It is a meeting point where you can savor exquisite dishes such as Fish Ball, prawns, crabs, lobster, coconut rice, fried fish, and other dishes that are accompanied with various culinary delights in the restaurant. You can also enjoy wonderful cocktails made with fruit island and the extraordinary and irreplaceable coco.

If you came to San Andrés, do not forget to visit our restaurant Mana, where quality of care is as important as the quality of our dishes.