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Holidays in San Andrés

The Archipelago of San Andrés is located to the northwest of Colombia, located to the west of the call “Region of the Great Caribbean” on the sea of ​​the Antilles, between the parallels 120 and 160 Latitude North and meridians 78 and 82 Longitude West of Greenwich. It is made up of the Providencia and Santa Catalina Islands; Islotes Bolívar, Alburquerque, Cotton Haynes; the cays Grunt, Jhony Rose, Easycay, Roncador, Serrana, Serranilla, Quitasueño, Hermanos, Rocky, Crac, Santander and the banks Alicia and Bajo Nuevo. It has a total extension of 26 km2 and its climate is warm which ranges between 26 ‘C and 29? DO.

San Andrés was declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve – Flor de Mar thanks to its unique ecosystem that takes care of natural resources and to maintain the balance between human life and the environment.

The island of San Andrés is bathed by the majestic Sea of ​​the Seven Colors, one of the most beautiful seas in the world; famous for its crystalline waters ideal for diving, white beaches and beautiful corals that combine to create the different shades of blue and green that color the landscape and welcome you since you sail the San Andres sky.

It is a paradise of sun and beach, a large green field that can be glimpsed from the plane when you approach this destination, endowed with exuberant vegetation and birds that fly over the trees. When you arrive to the island, you will find all the charm of the people who live there, joyful and cordial islanders who are mixtures of immigrants who come from parts of the world to this territory from the sixteenth century; these settlers have maintained for years the traditions and customs of their ancestors. The language used in the region is the Sanandresano Criollo and spoken by the root population; is a language that originates in English with a mixture of Castilian and African phonetics.

The abundance of vegetation and marine fruits of the region is reflected in its gastronomy, which is one of the main attractions for tourists; but no less important, the beautiful landscapes, the biodiversity and the excellent tropical climate combine to offer an unforgettable experience in a place where hours pass more slowly.

Hosteria Mar y Sol has the privilege of being in the least inhabited part of the island, surrounded by native vegetation, away from the chaos and bustle, where all your senses are stimulated thanks to the cool breeze of the trees, the subtle song of the birds and the wonderful aroma of flowers. The sea that hits the reefs emits a current of air that caresses the inn and makes it a perfect place to enjoy the magic of the Caribbean.

We are near Punta Sur, where you can see beautiful sunrises and splendid sunsets. If you walk for five minutes, you will find the beach to the east side, and to the west, there is the beautiful reef, a favorite place for diving, snorkeling and fishing. All this in one place that makes you enjoy your stay with us.