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Gardens – hospedaje San Andrés

San Andres accommodation

The gardens are not only part of the decoration of the spaces, but are the habitat of different species of animals and shrubs. In cities, for example, little attention is paid to plants that occupy a small balcony, but they are important for preserving the balance of the environment. It is enough to observe carefully any garden, to realize that it is the asylum of some animals, in addition, its presence transforms the air that we breathe in “clean air”.

Not in vain, the gardens were created for aesthetic enjoyment, also to generate oxygen and decontaminate the environment, as well as to give life and color to the spaces that require it. At Hostería Mar y Sol we are convinced that the plants provide happiness and we took into account this concept to offer our visitors, varied and beautiful gardens that bloom most of the year; Spaces conceived for the contemplation and admiration of all as well as to beautify our surroundings. Among them you will find the following:

DE CLATEYAS (hibiscus): we have 16 varieties adapted to the island, in permanent flowering for the enjoyment of our eyes and of diverse species of birds that taste of their nectars.

COTTAGE RIDE (croton): 20 varieties adapted to the island. They bring great color to the place and mix with each other green, yellow and red intense.

THE CORNER OF HELICONIES AND GINGERS: 12 varieties in adaptation stage.

THE ISLAND OF THE CORALS AND LILIES: (ixora, lily): varieties adapted in total florescence.

THE RESERVATION OF THE FELTS: in the Club House you can enjoy 15 varieties of ferns and horns (staghorn) splendidly adapted.

YELLOW TRAIL: Golden buttons (allamanda), veraneras, (bougainvillea) curazaos; Colorful climbers that will welcome you.

FRUIT TREES: In the Mar and Sun Hosteria you will find lemon, mandarin, orange, mango, anon, melon, medlar, redcurrant, guanabana, avocado, papaya, banana, tamarind, watermelon and carambolo trees. Among other delicacies.