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Hotel in San Andrés

San Andrés is a Colombian state which has many charms in natural environments that combine wildlife and vegetation, where the Sea of Seven Colors and its reefs are the hosts, the white sands and clear waters are combined in the same space in order to welcome residents and visitors to deliver all the magic and majesty of the Caribbean.
Considered as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, San Andres has a large number of species of colorful fish and coral that can be seen under the transparent waters, mangrove forests and the best beaches in America that reflect an authentic landscape that attracts each year thousands of tourists from around the world.

The beautiful beaches of San Andres are 700 miles from the Colombian mainland; the island is a natural place for ecotourism and practice different water sports. Diving is one of the special attractions. Combining the breeze with the scent of nature stimulates your senses and creates a peaceful atmosphere to make you feel good in your relaxing days.
In 2010 we considered this paradise to found Hosteria Mar y Sol, a space designed to meet the needs of visitors to the island in search of a place surrounded by nature in an environment of peace and sobriety, away from the chaos of the city. We offer a family atmosphere with warm hospitality and all the amenities that you and your family deserve.

Enjoy beautiful sunsets from our facilities, hear the chirping of the birds in the morning and revel in the light of the moon in the comfortable pool area or if you prefer, from the terrace of the room, contemplate the beautiful variety of flowers and wildlife that adorn this place. Find below all social areas in order to be able to fully enjoy the lodge and live unforgettable days.

Tranquility and fun are the main contexts that characterize us and we provide our guests. We offer car rental service in order to our visitors can tour the island and enjoy the different attractions of San Andrés.
We have comfortable double, triple, quadruple and family (according to your needs), for up to eight people and outdoor room where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from the comfort of a hammock, all rooms are located on the ground floor and equipped according to your needs: TV, fan, air conditioning, refrigerator, hair dryer, hooks and drawers in the closet.

Hosteria Mar y Sol, under the concept of green hotel offers a personalized service and a different conception of accommodation that we have in the rest of the island. Comfortable recreational areas and warm hospitality that characterizes us will make you and your guests enjoy wonderful moments in San Andrés.